Business Contracts 101

In the world of business, contracts protect your business, intellectual property, your money, but most importantly, they protect you, the CEO.

Business Contracts 101 will break down the vital information you need to know to negotiate, draft, and sign contracts that are legally enforceable in court and that actually protect you. You’ll learn what they teach law students the first day of contracts class, how to avoid creating an unenforceable contract, the various types of business contracts, essential contract clauses, key language to understand ownership and use of intellectual property, and contract blunders to avoid before you sign on the next dotted line. Don’t let the 101 convince you this is solely for newbie business owners. Some of what we will cover is what CEOs in business for 10 and 25 years never learned and a few blunders that almost cost others upwards of $25,000.

United States