Request For Proposals - TEDCO Executive Search Firm



The Maryland Technology Development Corporation, a public instrumentality of the State of Maryland and a unit of State government (TEDCO), is requesting proposals from executive search firms with the necessary qualifications, capacity and expertise to assist the organization with the selection of an Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer (ED/CEO).  

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1. Have you determined a salary range for this position?

Salary range is estimated to be in the range of $225,000 - $290,000.

2. You expect to contact search firm finalists by Friday, October 25. When do you expect to hold search firm finalists' interviews? 

Between October 30th and November 8th.

3. How large is the search committee?

There are five (5) members of the search committee.

4. Just to clarify, on page 3, the RFP asks for two original hard copies and one electronic copy while on page 6 you ask for one original hard copy as well as an electronic copy. How many hard copies are expected to be submitted? 

The RFP is not consistent on this matter in error.  To clarify, TEDCO requests two (2) original hard copies of a proposal as stated on Page 3; however, respondents will not be disqualified if only one (1) hard copy is provided as stated on Page 6.