Bandura Cyber created the Threat Intelligence Gateway: TIG™. TIG helps combat cyber threats in enterprise and government networks by delivering innovative network security solutions. TIG in-line IP filter security appliance is the global leading geo-IP location and IP threat filter appliance, reducing the attack surface at networks throughout the world. Originally developed for the U.S. Military, the TIG is both powerful and easy-to-use, enabling network administrators to maintain complete visibility and control over ingress and egress traffic.

Leadership Overview

Chris Fedde – Chief Executive Officer
Todd Weller – Chief Strategy Officer
Ian Dix – Chief Revenue Officer
Dave Maestas – Chief Technology Officer


The Bandura Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) does the heavy lifting needed to reduce your attack surface and stop critical data loss. Bandura TIG automatically blocks millions of known IP and domain threats before they hit your network. It also stops data exfiltration attempts in their tracks with the same granular, automated, and robust outbound filtering. The TIG keeps the storm surge of attacks out and your valuable data in.

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