Increase Maryland’s competitiveness as an innovation economy, thereby retaining and attracting trained workers, and creating a more diverse and innovative ecosystem throughout the State.

With competing states and regions actively investing in innovation infrastructure and workforce, it’s time for Maryland to step up to the plate and to grow our innovation economy.

To accurately understand Maryland’s current position as an innovation economy, and how much growth is needed for the state to maintain and grow its competitiveness, we conducted a study to gather information. This study, the Maryland Innovation Competitiveness Study, told of a slowing growth rate that will, if allowed to continue, negatively affect job opportunities, livelihoods, and the overall fiscal health of the State.  The study advises that Maryland needs to create more opportunities for a larger and more diverse workforce including, supporting, and increasing the opportunities for underrepresented individuals to get into high technology-based education, careers, and entrepreneurial activities.

That’s where Cultivate Maryland comes in. Creating inclusive tech and startup activity will help to attract the brilliant and talented workers scattered throughout Maryland, ensuring founders, workforce, mentors, investors, and thought leaders are included and active in shaping the tech ecosystem and workforce.

Current Bills

HB 781 - Maryland Technology Development Corporation - Equitech Growth Fund and Commission

Sponsored by
Delegates Atterbeary, B. Barnes, D. Barnes, Bridges, Ebersole, Feldmark, Forbes, Kelly, Phillips, Qi, Smith, Solomon, Vogel, and Wilkins

SB 699 - Maryland Technology Development Corporation - Equitech Growth Fund and Commission

Sponsored by
Senators Augustine, Beidle, Elfreth, Feldman, Griffith, Guzzone, King, McCray, and Zucker

Other Resources

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Let’s Seize the Moment and Cultivate Maryland’s Innovation Ecosystem 

Equitech Growth Commission


Kory Bailey, UpSurge 
Heather Gramm, Department of Commerce
Gwen Greene, AiTech
Jonathan Horowitz, Washington County Maryland Department of Business Development
Anthony Jenkins, Coppin State University
Richard Kincaid, Office of College and Career Pathways, Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE)
Kevin Kinnally, Maryland Association of Counties
Troy LeMaile-Stovall, TEDCO
Michele Masucci, University System of Maryland
Rachael Parker, Department of Labor
Kendra Parlock, NPower
Saman Qadeer Ahmad, Esq., Qade Law
Tom Sadowski, Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO)
David White, Tomorrow’s Bio Today
Jermaine Williams, Montgomery College
Rodney Williams, Maryland Technology Council
Christy Wyskiel, Johns Hopkins University