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Keep up with all the latest events happening in Maryland's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

TEDCO Events Calendar

TEDCO's Black Female Founders Venture Capital Forum

Investors, founders, and entrepreneurs alike gathered to discuss their experiences, share insights into how venture capital investors choose who to invest in and brainstorm solutions for a better, more equitable ecosystem in Maryland.


TEDCO's Tech Fair 

TEDCO's inaugural Tech Fair connected entrepreneurs and small business owners in any industry from Maryland’s underserved communities to technology companies, resources, trainings, and networking opportunities to grow their business. 


TEDCO's Entrepreneur Expo

TEDCO's Entrepreneur Expo brings entrepreneurs from all around together at one place! This is the premier event in Maryland showcasing all the resources to help entrepreneurs to learn, connect and be inspired.

TEDCO's 2018 Entrepreneur Expo 

TEDCO's 2019 Entrepreneur Expo

MII Pop-Ups

TEDCO’s Maryland Innovation Initiative creates pop-up events in collaboration with the five academic research institutions in Maryland and the two comprehensive universities featured in their pilot program. These pop-ups feature a look at the university’s awarded projects, provide networking opportunities, and more.