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TEDCO's Market Search Database

Market search allows entrepreneurs to understand their market, competitors and industry trends to help secure future funding.

Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund
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Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund Applications Open

Now accepting applications for its Commercial, Clinical and Validation funding programs. 

Maryland Entrepreneur Hub
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Maryland Entrepreneur Hub: One-stop shop to find funding, talent, space and more

The Maryland Entrepreneur Hub was designed with the entrepreneur in mind, to provide a platform that gathers all of Maryland’s resources and funding information in one place.

Prelude Pitch
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TEDCO's Prelude Pitch is always looking for new companies to participate!

Find out if your start-up is investor ready. Each month, TEDCO invites five companies to give their pitch. They will pitch in front of our team members and experienced mentors to receive valuable feedback and an introduction to TEDCO.

TEDCO Talks: Troy LeMaile-Stovall with Sally Allain, Head, JLABS @ Washington DC
TEDCO Podcast

TEDCO Talks: Troy LeMaile-Stovall with Sally Allain, Head, JLABS @ Washington DC

Join TEDCO's CEO & Executive Director, Troy LeMaile-Stovall, in thought-provoking conversations with regional leaders about the future of Maryland’s innovation ecosystem.

TEDCO Happenings

Find out about recent developments and upcoming events of interest to our portfolio companies and your business.

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