With the backing of TEDCO grants and go-to-market advisors, SERAXIS is disrupting diabetes treatment through the use of stem cells.

For the millions of individuals suffering from diabetes, there may finally be a solution through stem cell therapy. SERAXIS’ team of top scientists has successfully developed state-of-the-art technologies for the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes. The patented stem cell derived-replacement therapy, SR-01 is able to normalize blood glucose over a long term in animal models of diabetes and will soon be tested in the clinic.

SERAXIS, INC., a regenerative medicine biotech company was launched in 2013 and operates from the Germantown Innovation Center, Germantown, Maryland. Its name SERAXIS (SER-AXIS) originates from the words serum and praxis (from Greek, putting a theory into practice) to reflect the company’s mission to develop a clinical treatment for use in medicine. 

Dr. William L. Rust, CEO
Dr. Carole A. Welsch, CBO 

SERAXIS cell therapy, SR-01 is intended to provide long-term blood glucose regulation in adult type-1 diabetics, removing dependence on insulin injections. It is anticipated that when SR-01 is implanted, it will release insulin and/or glucagon in response to variations of blood glucose, causing blood glucose control at levels comparable to a non-diabetic adult.

For more information, visit http://www.seraxis.com/