Vheda Health decreases hospitalizations and emergency room utilization with a mobile care management platform that automates care plan compliance. Vheda Health is saving leading Medicaid and Medicare health plans an average of $17,175 per member per year by automating care plan compliance. They reach 12 million lives across the nation. Vheda Health’s mission is to empower individuals everywhere by delivering easy access to personalized care.

Leadership Overview

Shameet Luhar – CEO
Philip Rub – President
Bradley Marks – Chief Growth Officer 


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As a member compliance company, Vheda Health’s number one focus is delivering industry-leading cost savings through reductions in inpatient admissions and ER utilization. Your members are at the heart of this focus, which is why Vheda Health’s programs are rooted in simplicity.


Vheda health engages the population, ensures their compliance, delivering cost savings


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