Women's Executive Leadership Roundtable


womens executive leadership roundable

About the Women’s Executive Leadership Roundtable

Started: 2015

TEDCO’s Women’s Executive Leadership Roundtable  is a general peer-to-peer support for entrepreneurs in this important vertical. Its goals are two-fold:

  • To create a community of female executive leaders in the technology sector (startups)
  • To build a culture where women can get support, learn, share resources and information, ask questions and be open without concern.

Joni Daniels

Facilitator:  Joni Daniels


Current Membership

  • Fereshteh Aalamifar – PediaMetrix
  • Swati Allen - DataTech911
  • Linda Dusman - Octava
  • Lisa First-Willis - Trigger
  • Smitha Gopal – Rendia
  • Olena Lar - Molecular Tools
  • Amanda Gorman - Nest Collaborative
  • Xianonao Liu - NanoBioFab
  • Aimee Martin - EduMD
  • Karen McCord - Breezio
  • Marianne McGinley - LokalPhoto
  • Aprile Pilon - Empower Telehealth Inc.
  • Margaret Roth
  • Samantha Scott - JuneBrain
  • Nicole Tucker-Smith - Lessoncast
  • Katya Vert - Nostopharma 
  • Zhiyong Yang - Fzata
  • Jeehye Yun - RedShred

About Roundtables

TEDCO manages a series of professionally facilitated and themed executive roundtables.  Several of the Roundtables (Maryland Innovation Initiative, Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund, Minority Business Pre-Seed Fund, and CEO-led Sales Process) are structured to draw participants from the founders and C-level executives of TEDCO portfolio companies.  Others (Health IT, Education Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Women Leaders) draw participants from the founders and C-level executives of TEDCO portfolio companies, and from the founders and C-level executives of start-up technology companies not yet in the TEDCO portfolio. 

In general, the roundtables meet monthly for 90 minutes and meetings are held at the TEDCO headquarters or are rotated among the various participant locations around the state.  All TEDCO Roundtables represent an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning combined with mutual problem solving and support.

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