Encouraging purposeful collaboration between rural businesses, research institutions and industry partners.

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TEDCO's Agriculture and Rural Rebuild (ARR) Challenge was created to assist Maryland’s rural and agricultural businesses that have been detrimentally impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic downturn. The ARR challenge will specifically fund technology-empowered initiatives that will help our rural and agricultural businesses recover, rebuild and pivot from the current economic crisis. The ARR challenge also encourages  purposeful collaboration between rural businesses, research institutions and industry partners. Examples of a successful project may include (but is not limited to), the development of an innovative product or a novel application of an existing technology to help a business pivot or recover from the current COVID crisis.

The ARR Challenge is supported by funds provided by the Maryland General Assembly and the Governor through the Recovery for the Economy, Livelihoods, Industries, Entrepreneurs, and Families (RELIEF) Act of 2021.

The ARR Challenge awards will be made in the form of a grant up to $200,000 per project for a period of one year. Applications for ARR funding can be submitted to TEDCO prior to the due date, May 14, 2021, through TEDCO’s on-line application portal.

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