Thanksgiving Message
Troy A. LeMaile-Stovall

textOne would be forgiven if believing the two captions (pictured here), are from 2020 newspapers, but they are not.  The “Flu Masks” headline is from the November 13, 1918 edition of the San Francisco Examiner. While the “Thanksgiving celebrations to be restricted” was a holiday message from the Omaha World Herald on November 28, 1918.  Regrettably, we have been here before, facing a global pandemic during the holiday season. But fortunately, as happened in 1918, will also occur in 2020 (and beyond), where we will be thankful, grateful and persevere. 

Though football, family and food (you may have a different priority function) have become the defining elements for this holiday let us not forget what it is truly about.  Reversing the word – Giving Thanks – we get the real priority. Giving Thanks when faced with what 2020 has wrought can be difficult for many of us.  But Giving Thanks recognizes that no matter what 2020 throws at us, we will persevere by being thankful for what we have, and grateful for our family, friends and fellow humans, many of whom are living testaments of perseverance. And through that perseverance, hope is fulfilled.

From my introductory press conference, I discussed the history (or etymology) of the word “hope.”  When the various dialects and permutations are combined, hope truly means confident expectation that a desirable change is likely to happen. Hope isn’t a “wish,” it is rooted in our ability to know change is forthcoming.  

A simple request I have for all the TEDCO family is that we continue to give thanks for the hope that is and the hope that will be.

On behalf of my wife, Sonya, our kids Zora and Langston, we pray that you and your families have a safe, sane, blessed and (most of all) healthy Turkey, apologies, Thanksgiving Day!

And by the way, given I still believe in Santa, these are not headlines I need to see!