TEDCO's Federal Technology Transfer Open Forum

Maryland is fortunate to have so many Federal labs within its borders. These Federal labs have an interest and a mandate to transfer their innovations to the commercial sector. TEDCO has always worked with the Federal labs to support their technology transfer efforts and to connect the labs to Maryland entrepreneurs, who are creating technology-based companies, and to existing companies, which are adopting new technologies to become more competitive and to scale. Additionally, the Federal labs have equipment and facilities with excess capacity that they are willing to make available for a fee. TEDCO wants Maryland entrepreneurs to be aware of and to have access to these capabilities. To facilitate this exchange, TEDCO has entered into formal agreements with federal labs to provide access to their technology, data sets, facilities, and more, all to benefit Maryland entrepreneurs.

Learn more about TEDCO's Federal Tech Transfer Programs: https://www.tedcomd.com/funding/federal-tech-transfer

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