RoosterBio is changing the way researchers and institutions use living cells on a daily basis and is a proud alumni of the Rural Business Innovation Initiative and many other TEDCO programs.

Until now, researchers were obligated to invest sizable resources into building deep cell banks to assure reproducible experiments and clinical trial materials. This burdensome process dams the wellspring of progress, as potentially life-changing experiments wait for resource availability. RoosterBio is blasting open a longstanding technology bottleneck and accelerating a more sustainable RM industry.

RoosterBio Inc. is changing how companies and institutions produce, consume, and use living cells.  RoosterBio provides standardized stem cell product platforms designed to remove several years and millions of dollars from product development and clinical testing.

Fast-growing cell therapy, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine (RM) markets are propelled forward by the availability of clinically-relevant stem cell systems that have been robustly engineered to scale. Since the inception of RoosterBio in 2013, the company has rapidly grown to reach over 200 customers worldwide.

Company Profile

Leadership Overview

Margot Connor - Chief Executive Officer

Jon A. Rowley, PHD - Founder and Chief Product Officer


Founded by scientists, RoosterBio created a first-of-its-kind “off the shelf” line of products that enables customers to leap ahead in their own research and manufacturing. In turn, this groundbreaking work furthers innovation in bioprinting, cell and tissue engineering, and synthetic biology/genetic manipulation, or illuminates strategies to treat ailments, such as osteoarthritis or cartilage defects.

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