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About the Platform

Intellectual Property Management Platform by IPGen is a resource that is being made available to eligible Maryland-based entrepreneurs and start-up businesses.  It is a free, one-year subscription to IPGen’s IP SaaS platform.  

IPGenIPGen is a software platform that assists in navigating the various IP processes. IPGen provides an end-to-end IP lifecycle management platform, with social network and collaboration features, that uses state-of-the-art technologies (e.g., AI and machine learning tools) to streamline and automate aspects of the various IP processes – saving time, money, and associated risk. 

IPGen provides guidance and assistance throughout the entire lifecycle of the various IP processes, including: searching, drafting, and prosecution. To reach this goal, some of the features on the platform include: machine learning tools; templates; automation tools; private collaboration; private direct messaging; community forum posting/interaction; status tracking; a patents dashboard; and customer support. 

The platform, as currently constructed, services the patent side of IP. Until the trademark side is released, IPGen will provide trademark services to the User for up to two trademarks. In essence, the User will receive attorney-like assistance for being a user on the platform. Over the next year, IPGen will release more features/products that will assist through the entrepreneurship journey (as of June 2023).

In connection with the subscription, the IPGen team, upon request, will take 30 minutes to onboard a new entrepreneur or business to the platform, walk through all of the features, and answer any preliminary questions. Also, in addition to any technical support, IPGen offers, at least, two hours of practical, hands-on support (e.g., advice, guidance, application review, etc.) to each eligible entrepreneur and business, which may be taken in 30-minute increments. 

Entrepreneurs and businesses using this free resource will be required to execute the terms of service agreement with IPGen before using the platform.

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