About the SAAS Roundtable

The SAAS Roundtable is open to any SAAS start-up founder of a Maryland company, and we'd welcome your visit to any upcoming session so you can see if the group is a good fit. Current members run a wide range of company stages and personal experience. This roundtable focuses primarily on processing issues and a unique check-in system that provides insight into CEO-specific challenges that otherwise go unnoticed. Most importantly, we look for participants who enjoy sharing their own real and honest experiences, and learning from others. The roundtable currently meets virtually on the first Tuesday of each month from 8:30am - 10:00am.  

Founding and growing a SAAS company is not for the faint of heart. Most Founders are navigating a landscape filled with uncertainty and unknowns, and most days bring more questions than answers. It's exhausting, and sometimes deeply lonely. So it's no surprise that when we convened this roundtable in 2015 and asked the question "what do you need most from a group like this?" the unanimous answer was "A place to be honest and real about where we are and what we need. A group where we can talk through the issues we are facing, and get insights and ideas from people who have some of these same issues, without feeling like we have to pretend everything is perfect."

About Roundtables

TEDCO manages a series of professionally facilitated and themed executive roundtables.  Several of the Roundtables (Maryland Innovation Initiative, Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund, Builder Fund, and CEO-led Sales Process) are structured to draw participants from the founders and C-level executives of TEDCO portfolio companies.  Others (Health IT, SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, and Women Leaders) draw participants from the founders and C-level executives of TEDCO portfolio companies, and from the founders and C-level executives of start-up technology companies not yet in the TEDCO portfolio. 

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