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TEDCO Announces an SSBCI Investment into Nanocrine

Nanocrine is a business that seeks to create a more efficient process for studying living cells. The company has created surfaces that utilize techniques from the semiconductor industry and physical chemistry disciplines. By using these surfaces, scientists are able to take more precise measurements for quality control, ensuring reproducibility and standardization of starting points.

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Adrienne Prentice, Co-founder & CEO, and Claudia Naim-Burt, Co-founder & COO
TEDCO Investment Spotlight

TEDCO Announces Investment into Keep Company

Maryland business creating a sense of belonging for working parents & caregivers

TEDCO Investment Spotlight

TEDCO Invests SSBCI Funding into Hememics Biotechnologies, Inc.

Hememics Biotechnologies, Inc., based in Gaithersburg, Md., is using graphene monolayer biosensors to revolutionize point-of-care testing for viruses and environmental toxins. The HemBox™, a cellphone-sized reader and chip platform, allows users to test for multiple viruses and toxins from samples as diverse as soil, water, saliva and blood. 

 Xiaonao Liu, PhD, founder and CEO of NanoBioFAB
TEDCO Investment Spotlight

TEDCO Announces Investment in NanoBioFAB

NanoBioFAB is a healthcare technology company working to accelerate nanomaterials research and development through cost-effective innovations that can reduce time to market for new sensor products. Through the use of a unique patented technology, NanoBioFAB can provide fast, high throughput 3D nano-printing and screen nanosensors with the capability of detecting gases stemming from skin and breath, while also having the ability to measure pressure, temperature and humidity. 

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