Kim Mozingo


TEDCO supporting collaboration between companies and federal labs

In the ever-evolving landscape of innovation, TEDCO’s commitment to stewardship plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between promising early-stage companies and the abundant resources housed within federal labs. At the heart of this stewardship is the mission to facilitate the growth and prosperity of Maryland early-stage technology and life sciences companies by connecting them to a treasure trove of resources – from cutting-edge facilities and state-of-the-art equipment to invaluable intellectual property and unparalleled expertise.

By definition, stewards are caretakers charged with using resources wisely, acting responsibly, and, in the case of TEDCO’s Federal Programs, helping others access and use resources wisely. The Maryland Defense Technology Commercialization Center (DefTech) is one of TEDCO’s programs, helping companies prepare to engage with Department of Defense Labs. As stewards of these types of relationships, DefTech prepares companies in advance to help them save time and resources; a few ways we support company growth and collaboration includes: 

  1. Unlocking Access to Cutting-Edge Facilities: In the world of innovation, access to cutting-edge facilities can be a game-changer. Federal labs serve as the custodians of these state-of-the-art facilities, and through responsible stewardship, collaborative efforts with TEDCO and the Maryland Department of Commerce, the federal labs open their doors to early-stage companies. This access provides a level playing field for emerging innovators, allowing them to conduct experiments, prototype, and develop products that might otherwise be prohibitively expensive.
    For example, the ability for a biotech startup to use a federal lab's advanced genetic sequencing equipment can accelerate their research exponentially. By stewarding these resources, we ensure that the most promising ideas are not hindered by financial constraints, thereby fostering a thriving ecosystem of innovation.
  2. Leveraging Intellectual Property: Federal labs generate a wealth of patents, research, and knowledge. By responsibly managing this intellectual property, they enable early-stage companies to tap into a vast reservoir of ideas and innovations.
    Through licensing agreements and technology transfer programs, stewardship paves the way for startups to access this valuable intellectual property, which can be instrumental in developing new products or services. This collaborative approach ensures that groundbreaking discoveries do not languish in the archives but are transformed into real-world solutions.
  3.  Fostering Collaboration and Expertise: Stewardship is not just about providing resources; it's about nurturing collaboration and expertise. Federal labs are hubs of knowledge and experience, housing experts in various fields. The stewardship model encourages these experts to engage with early-stage companies, sharing their insights and skills.

This fosters a collaborative spirit where innovators gain from the wisdom of seasoned scientists and researchers. Such relationships can significantly reduce the learning curve for startups, enabling them to make more informed decisions and achieve quicker progress. This also gives lab scientists and engineers the opportunity to engage meaningfully with cutting-edge start-ups. 

These three dimensions of stewardship come together to create a symbiotic relationship between federal labs and early-stage companies, fostering an environment where the next breakthroughs are possible.

In TEDCO’s commitment to responsible stewardship, the mission extends beyond providing access to federal labs' resources; it also encompasses nurturing the growth of early-stage companies through tailored programs such as the SBIR/STTR proposal lab. This invaluable initiative serves as a testament to our commitment to supporting innovators. By guiding businesses through the intricate process of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) proposals, we help them secure the funding needed to fuel their projects. This comprehensive approach to stewardship ensures that not only are the doors to federal labs open, but the path to financial support is accessible, enabling promising innovations to thrive.

Additionally, the responsible management of outside state and federal funding plays a pivotal role in TEDCO’s mission. Our programs, which serve as essential conduits between early-stage companies and federal labs, are sustained by the support of state and federal government investments. This financial stewardship TEDCO continues to show is a testament to our commitment to nurturing innovation; after all, by securing and effectively managing these external funds, we ensure the sustainability of our programs, empowering us to continue our mission of connecting businesses to the invaluable resources offered by federal labs. It's through this diligent financial stewardship that TEDCO not only opens doors but keeps them open for promising innovators, uplifting their research and development and encouraging a thriving ecosystem of discovery and progress.