Katherine Hill Ritchie


TEDCO has five core values: accountability, collaboration, integrity, stewardship, and respect. While each of these core values drives everything TEDCO does, I would like to take a moment to focus on stewardship.

In my capacity as the Senior Director of TEDCO’s Venture Funds, stewardship is essential to my day-to-day activities. However, it’s important to recognize that stewardship is more than just a word, it is a concept deeply rooted in the principles of responsibility, care, and preservation; it goes beyond individual actions, encompassing a broader perspective of managing and safeguarding resources for the benefit of future generations.

At TEDCO, I see this concept in action every day. Whether applied to the environment, finances, or leadership roles, individuals at TEDCO go out of their way to emphasize the importance of remaining mindful and sustainable, rooting their actions in intentionality and responsibility.

My role specifically sees stewardship in the form of responsible money management. Through constant due diligence efforts and careful consideration, I ensure that the financial resources relating to the Venture Funds are carefully budgeted, invested ethically, and considerations are made for the impact of financial decisions on both the immediate and distant future. Such responsible financial stewardship contributes to economic stability and the well-being of communities in Maryland, making it an utmost priority for myself and others on TEDCO’s investment team.

Leadership is another critical aspect of stewardship, especially in the realms of business, politics, and community organizations – all areas that touch my role as Senior Director of TEDCO’s Venture Funds. During each potential investment, I make sure to prioritize the welfare of Maryland as a whole over personal interests. This process involves a commitment to ethical decision-making, transparency, and accountability.

Ultimately, the concept of stewardship transcends specific domains and becomes a guiding principle for living in harmony with our surroundings and each other. It encourages a mindset that considers the consequences of actions on a broader scale and fosters a sense of interconnectedness with the world. By taking stewardship as a core value TEDCO encourages a mindset of collaboration, intentionality, and transparency, this is seen in everyday operations throughout TEDCO.