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TEDCO's 2024 legislative showcase highlights Maryland's growing tech economy

TEDCO's 2024 Legislative Technology Showcase wasn't just networking – it was a microcosm of Maryland's thriving innovation ecosystem. Held in Annapolis, Maryland in March 2024, the event brought together 12 of TEDCO-supported technology startups with state legislators for a showcase of their innovations, a testament to TEDCO’s commitment to fostering economic empowerment growth of technology and life science-based companies in Maryland.

A showcase of diversity and brilliance

From biotechnology to cybersecurity solutions, the showcase teemed with brilliant entrepreneurial diversity. ARMR Systems, Warrior Centric Health, CyDeploy – these are just a few of the innovative companies that brought their groundbreaking solutions to the forefront. Each company, a testament to TEDCO's investment and support, demonstrated Maryland's vast innovation landscape.

CarrTech Corp.: Transforming health care with their medication administration device, FROG®, which streamlines processes and minimizes waste. President Sue Carr highlighted TEDCO's multifaceted support, encompassing advisership, stewardship, and assistance preparing for their recently secured NSF phase one grant.

CyDeploy: Allows security and IT operations teams to decrease budgets by using Machine Learning to automate predictability of their systems and missions. CyDeploy founder and CEO Tina Williams Koroma emphasizes that TEDCO’s investment has been “phenomenal for us,” allowing us to “take advantage of many opportunities, create our pilot and get our pilot customers in.”

Dynamic Dimension Technologies: Develops leading-edge software for real Digital Twins with Physics-Based Simulation capabilities. Backed by over 35 years of expertise in VR, engineering simulations and wargaming, DDT integrates the real world with VR/AR/XR, IoT, Digital Thread, data aggregation, and AI/ML. This powerful blend empowers them to create cutting-edge smart applications, robotics, training simulations, and safety monitoring solutions. President and CEO Karl Leodler expressed enthusiasm for "the future of the activities and matching funds," with TEDCO, with whom DDT has partnered since 2015.

NextStep Robotics: Revolutionizing stroke rehabilitation with a personalized robotic device that conquers foot drop. This innovative technology empowers patients to regain their walking independence, ultimately discarding assistive devices. Backed by secure funding and propelled by TEDCO's MDPace program, NextStep Robotics is poised to bring their product to market.

Redhelm Labs: Pioneering in-flight drone recharging via laser technology, shaping the future of defense solutions with their motto: steering tomorrow's defense solutions. "TEDCO has really helped us by using their DefTech program to help us learn about SBIR as an opportunity," said Neil Sorkin, founder and CEO. " It actually helped us secure our first round of funding and we're so grateful to be here today with their help."

RoosterBio: Pioneering advancements in accelerating development of advanced therapies. Their Product Manager, Trey Picou, credited TEDCO for fostering collaboration, stating, "TEDCO has been great for us because it allows us to meet and…talk to a bunch of Maryland companies that are at the forefront of technology in different fields.”

SharpRank: Acts as an independent auditor in the sports betting industry using live monitoring dashboards, regular audits and data solutions ensuring fair and sustainable markets for key stakeholders. By removing the gray area of potential manipulation arising from the relationship between sportsbooks and sports betting content, SharpRank fosters trust and growth throughout the industry. As Christopher Adams, founder and CEO of SharpRank Timonium MD, highlights, TEDCO's "expertise standpoint" and strategic guidance have been invaluable, providing crucial insights for this early-stage company.

Signum Technologies: An early-stage company specializing in computer vision solutions that leverage AI/ML to extract actionable insights from data, tackling daunting problems facing humanity. "TEDCO's been an amazing partner for us," said Sean Freitag, co-founder and CEO. "We're part of the defense consortium here in the state of Maryland. They provide opportunities like this to interact with potential customers and stakeholders, and they provided feedback on both our business plan and our pitch proposals.”

Vectech Inc.: A rising star specializing in insect detection systems. This early-stage company exemplifies TEDCO's commitment to nurturing high-growth potential. Co-founder Tristan Ford emphasized the value of TEDCO's network, stating, "we're looking forward to continuing to work with TEDCO and take advantage of their programs in the future as we continue to grow and scale."

Beyond innovation: Championing diversity

Beyond displaying groundbreaking technologies, the showcase highlighted TEDCO's dedication to fostering inclusivity. Warrior Centric Health, a TEDCO-portfolio health care equity platform, empowers facilities to provide equitable care to underserved populations. Co-founder Ron Steptoe expressed his gratitude, stating, "we appreciate the opportunity to better serve our nation's warriors and partnership with TEDCO."

TEDCO Legislative Showcase

Likewise, ARMR Systems is an early-stage medical device company increasing the survivability of traumatic hemorrhage in situations and locations where advanced medical support is not immediately available using a wearable platform, democratizing access to care. CEO and Founder Chibueze Ihenacho noted that ARMR relocated to Maryland from Boston in 2018 to leverage TEDCO’s network and introductions, saying they “were welcomed to this community with open arms,” which has been “huge in getting us integrated into the people.”

TEDCO: The engine of Maryland's innovation

Through a potent combination of funding, mentorship, and strategic guidance, TEDCO empowers companies to reach their full potential and fuel Maryland's economic engine.

Omar Muhammad, a TEDCO board member, succinctly captured the organization's essence: "TEDCO is the backbone for Maryland's technology-based and life science-based entrepreneurs."

Theresa Montano, director of member engagement at the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, echoed this sentiment: "TEDCO has been a humongous supporter of the work of the chamber not only in the tech world but in all aspects of business in the state of Maryland."

The TEDCO legacy: A brighter future for Maryland

TEDCO's unwavering commitment to economic empowerment, technological innovation, and inclusivity continues to propel Maryland towards a brighter future. The 2024 Legislative Technology Showcase wasn't just a celebration, it was a glimpse into a thriving ecosystem where collaboration and vision pave the way for continued excellence and prosperity.


Source: Washington Business Journal