Sadaf Parveen


Growing up, I was taught that you should always treat others as you wish to be treated – a philosophy intertwined with the essence of respect. The reciprocity of respect has been a guiding beacon throughout my life, influencing both my personal and professional interactions. 
All five of TEDCO’s core values – accountability, collaboration, integrity, respect, and stewardship – align with my personal beliefs, making the organization’s mission and culture uniquely meaningful to me. However, as a professional, I understand that a work culture rooted in respect not only empowers individuals to embrace their authentic selves but ensures they feel genuinely valued.

At TEDCO, respect is defined as:

“We uphold a culture of respect at work, within our communities, and nationally. We embrace diversity, equity and inclusion while also valuing our employees for their individuality and the unique perspectives that they bring to the organization.”

This idea of maintaining a mutual respect and supporting authenticity in the workplace, holds a pivotal role in the creation of a positive professional environment. 


As an Asian-American woman, the profound significance of embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion is something I hold dear. I prioritize surrounding myself with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, recognizing that it provides a valuable opportunity for continuous self-education and thoughtful reflection on any inherent biases. This approach cultivates creativity and the exchange of ideas where mutual understanding and growth thrive collaboratively.

Mutual Respect

Practicing mutual respect fosters a positive and collaborative environment, promotes individual well-being, and supports inclusivity. The impact of respect in the workplace contributes to increased productivity, enhanced employee morale and generates organizational success overall.

Respect and TEDCO

TEDCO stands as a cornerstone of Maryland’s innovation ecosystem, as such, we continue fostering a culture deeply rooted in our ethos and reflecting our core values. This commitment serves as a catalyst for increased innovation, strengthened collaboration, and nurtures connections. TEDCO remains steadfast in upholding these fundamental principles, ensuring they resonate throughout our organization and contribute to Maryland’s flourishing entrepreneur ecosystem. 

TEDCO sets a great standard illustrating a respectful, diverse, and inclusive atmosphere, both internally and externally. This has left a positive impact on my life, shaping the way I perceive and navigate various aspects of my professional journey.
Finally, there is a quote from Michelle Obama that embodies this idea and has stuck with me:

“We learned about gratitude and humility - that so many people had a hand in our success, from the teachers who inspired us to the janitors who kept our school clean... and we were taught to value everyone's contribution and treat everyone with respect.”