Bio-Trac, biotechnology training solutions company, announced the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund at TEDCO will partner on three stem cell related training programs: Gene Editing iPSCs and NSCs with CRISPR, Hepatocytes Derived from Human iPSCs, and Generating The Neural Lineage From iPSCs.

“The Stem Cell Fund mission is to make Maryland a leader in regenerative medicine, cell therapy and stem cell research and deliver cures to devastating diseases,” said Dan Gincel, Executive Director of the Fund. “We accomplish that by unifying the community of entrepreneurs and researchers. From this mission came the partnership between us and local biotechnology training company, Bio-Trac.”

The collaboration between MSCRF and Bio-Trac began in March 2018 for Bio-Trac’s Hepatocytes Derived from Human iPSC workshop. This four-day workshop—team taught by active researchers—was very well attended by research scientists from local and national government, academic and corporate institutions.

“iPS cell-derived hepatocytes serve as a great tool for disease-modeling as well as for drug metabolism and toxicity studies,” said Amritha Jaishankar PhD, TEDCO MSCRF Manager. This Bio-Trac workshop offers a unique opportunity for researchers to get hands-on training from handling iPS cells to conducting functional assays on hepatocytes.”

After the success of the Hepatocytes training workshop in March, MSCRF and Bio-Trac will be teaming up for their three remaining 2018 stem cell workshops:

Gene Editing iPSCs and NSCs with CRISPR/Cas9 Generating the Neural Lineage from iPSCs Hepacytes Derived from Human iPSCs

“We are delighted to be working with the MSCRF group and their members,” said Mark Nardone, Bio-Trac Director. “As a part of the Maryland Stem Cell community, relationships with quality organizations such as the TEDCO Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund, are essential as we continue our mission to identify and meet the training needs of the scientific community.”

Through this collaboration, MSCRF and Bio-Trac are putting life into the vision of Maryland becoming the country’s leading biotechnology hub. For more information on MSCRF, visit their website:

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