BondTrue is automating the process of surgical incisions and closures with the help of the mdPACE program.

With all the medical advances that have been made over the years, standard surgical operations today still begin and end in the same way they have since the inception of modern medicine -- to perform a clean and consistent incision and close the incision with appropriate and precise suturing. BondTrue is a revolutionary medical device company that is looking to evolutionize this surgical process.

BondTrue is a device that Dr. David Zachary Martin a plastic surgeon has designed and patented (#9,408,672) which automates the process of surgical incisions and closures, providing numerous benefits for both the surgical team and the patient. Millions of procedures are performed each year that could benefit from this technology, including but not limited to: total joint replacement, abdominal surgery, cardiac surgery, colectomy, breast surgery and spine surgery.

Leadership Overview

Co-Founder and CTO: David Zachary Martin, MD
Co-Founder and CEO: Aimee Purcell Martin


BondTrue has the potential to improve outcomes and lower costs for surgeries through the following benefits:

  • Improved accuracy of surgery through automation
  • Surgical time saved during incision and closure
  • Surgeon time saved by leveraging lower-skilled workers
  • Use in telesurgery/robotics

Patient benefits include:

  • Reduction of wound healing complications and infections
  • Reduction of scarring
  • Faster healing time
  • Reduced risk of wound complications, including infections, etc.
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