Maryland-based company developing tools to support frontline employees while working to minimize frontline employee turnover

COLUMBIA, Md. (October 12, 2023) – TEDCO, Maryland’s economic engine for technology companies, announced a recent $200,000 investment in Escalate. This recent investment came from TEDCO’s Social Impact Funds.

escalateEscalate is focused on solving the current talent crisis that we are seeing in frontline positions across the nation,” said Sean Segal, co-founder and CEO of Escalate. “Thanks to TEDCO’s investment we are able to continue growing our company and work to support our mission.”

Escalate, based in Silver Spring, Md., has developed an innovative proprietary support platform focused on minimizing turnover of frontline employees. Through this platform, Escalate facilitates a community of support, provides opportunities for workers to learn and grow in their fields, and works to end the current talent crisis. 

“After finding that 76% of frontline employees leave their position during the first 120 days, Escalate committed to supporting frontline workers, improving the workforce and trying to halt this talent crisis,” said Jean-Luc Park, TEDCO’s senior director, Social Impact Funds. “With TEDCO’s investment, Escalate can continue working towards these goals, using technology to put people first while also supporting the growth of Maryland’s economic development.”

Through the Social Impact Funds, TEDCO invests in and provides hands-on educational support, mentorship and collaborative efforts, and networking opportunities to support socially and economically disadvantaged individuals who are founders of technology-based companies in the State. 

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