The leaders in Maryland stem cell research funding.

Stem Cells

5.1.2_Tech%20Transfer_MSCRF_logo.pngMaryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF) was established by the governor and the Maryland General Assembly under the Maryland Stem Cell Research Act of 2006. The purpose of the fund is to promote state-funded human stem cell research and medical treatments through grants to public and private entities in the state.

Funding Levels

Discovery Grants: ($345K / 24 months)

  • Innovative groundbreaking ideas
  • Little or no preliminary data

Validation Grants: ($230K / 18 months)

  • Technologies that have intellectual property filed
  • Commercial or clinical potential
  • Clear market need
  • Quantifiable milestones

Commercialization Grants: ($300K / 12 months)

  • Licensed technology or IP protection
  • New start-up company in Maryland or an existing company launching a new product
  • Clear commercial milestones
  • Job creation and economic benefits

Clinical Grants: ($750K / 24 months)

  • Clinical trial site in Maryland
  • Matching funds 1:1
  • Benefits patients

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships: ($130K / 24 months)

  • Research institutes or companies/bringing or keeping the best trainees in MD
Who Can Apply

All Maryland-based organizations conducting research and commercializing.